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AO Infinity Terahertz Wand

Terahertz frequency

  • 30 minutes
  • 55 US dollars
  • Six Forks Road

Service Description

Harnessing the Power of Terahertz and Frequency, Terahertz waves are electromagnetic waves with frequencies ranging between microwaves and infrared light. The AO Infinity Wand utilizes terahertz technology to penetrate deep into the body, promoting cellular regeneration and overall rejuvenation. These waves stimulate the body’s natural healing processes, helping to restore balance and vitality at a fundamental level. By incorporating frequency modulation, the device can target specific areas and address various wellness concerns effectively. Revitalizing Effects of Red and Blue Light: The AO Infinity Wind integrates red light at a frequency of 669Hz and blue light at 470Hz, offering a comprehensive approach to healing. Red light therapy has been shown to improve blood circulation, accelerate wound healing, and reduce inflammation. It also aids in collagen production, enhancing skin health and promoting a youthful appearance. Blue light, on the other hand, possesses antibacterial properties and can support the management of skin conditions such as acne. By leveraging these light frequencies, the AO Infinity Wind provides a holistic approach to wellness. The Ionic Exchange Between Gold and Silver: The AO Infinity Wand incorporates the ionic exchange between gold and silver, producing a synergistic effect that enhances the overall healing process. Gold ions have been recognized for their anti-inflammatory properties and positive effects on mental well-being. Silver ions, on the other hand, offer powerful antimicrobial and antiviral benefits. The combination of these two precious metals creates a harmonious environment within the body, supporting its innate ability to heal and restore. Crystalline Gemstones for Enhanced Resonance: Adding another dimension to its healing potential, the AO Infinity Wand harnesses the frequencies of various crystal gemstones. Crystals such as amethyst, quartz, and jade possess unique energetic properties that resonate with different aspects of our being. By incorporating these gemstones, the device optimizes energetic resonance, promoting balance, clarity, and emotional well-being. Each gemstone contributes its specific qualities, creating a holistic and personalized healing experience.

Cancellation Policy

Must cancel 2 days prior if not deposit fee will be lost .

Contact Details

  • Salud Natural Wellness Center Inc, Six Forks Road, Raleigh, NC, USA


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Rejuvenate with Salud Natural Wellness Center Inc

Holistic medicine is the art and science of healing that addresses the mind, body and spirit. As an experienced Naturopathic Practitioner in San Francisco, I integrate a range of therapies to prevent and treat disease and promote optimal health.

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