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Originally from New York, I moved to Puerto Rico as a young toddler where I learned to embrace the islands’ cultural life and traditions. I have vivid memories of the many natural remedies my parents, grandparents as well as neighbors used for common colds or everyday minor conditions. It was in those early days that I developed a strong interest in the wonders of herbal remedies and cures. During my adult life when my health started to fail as I struggled with gut issues, autoimmune disease, and faced a toxic medical condition which nearly destroyed my life and could not seem to be solved by conventional western medicine, I desperately took back control of my health. I began to seek alternative treatment to find the root cause of my illness. I researched and read endless stories that inspired and motivated me to seek naturopathic treatment.

After a year of treatment with nutritional supplements and herbal diet therapy, and energy work my body responded and it was clear to me that the body only needs to be reminded of its own healing power to restore itself back to health. Natural mind and body care became my new life path. This ignited me to study all things holistic.
My own healing has fueled my passion to promote wellness by identifying the unique aspects of each client. It is imperative to introduce non-toxic, natural therapies to restore a mental and emotional and structural balance. The body has an inherent ability to maintain and restore health. My belief is honest practitioner-client communication to encourage each individual to make informed decisions to facilitate the healing process, remove obstacles to cure and identify treatments to enhance healing. It is more effective to teach than to treat.
In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my two sons and daughter. At home you will find a daily home-cooked meal, a good informative book, and creating healthy recipes and natural concoctions to share with family and friends. A good mix of yoga, meditation, exercise, nutrition, and quality sleep are priorities in my daily schedule. I encourage my family and clients to create forms of self-care that give them joy and energy throughout their days as well as the rest of their lives

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